West Bay Beach, Roatan

West Bay Beach, Roatan, Honduras

Where is West Bay Beach?

West Bay Beach is located on the northern coast of the western tip of the island of Roatan in Honduras. Situated just 40 miles from La Cieba on the Northern Coast of Honduras, West Bay Beach sits firmly in the tropical climate zone, with average year round temperatures of 80° F (27° C) and between 78º and 84º F  (26 - 29º C) in the water year-round.

What’s more, with winds originating in the south and West Bay Beach being situated on the northern side of the island, its legendary coral reef is protected from weather and wind, making this island paradise one of the top diving and snorkeling destinations in the world.

West Bay Beach Map

West Bay Beach Map

West Bay Beach or West End: Which is Which?

When you go looking to book your Roatan vacation rental, you’ll find a lot of information about West Bay and West Bay Beach and West End and it all can be a little confusing, but when you think about it, one thing does become abundantly clear: when it comes to Roatan, the west side is the best side!

But still, you’ll need to get around, so we’ll break it down for you.

West Bay is a large area on the west end of the island comprised of West Bay Beach and its many hotels, resorts, restaurants and shops, as well as several surrounding neighborhoods, large-scale resorts, and vacation rentals. If you’re looking for fun in the sun, West Bay Beach is where it’s at.

A little further East up the coast, West End is a mile-long strip of beach road surrounded by West End Village and Half Moon Bay. Here you’ll find a number of smaller hotels, gift shops, dive outfitters, mini-marts, bars and restaurants. The walk between West End and West Bay is about 30 minutes along the beach or 5 minutes by car or water taxi. With a vibrtant village atmosphere, if you’re looking to dine, dance, and drink ‘til the break of dawn, night time is the right time in West End.


Getting to West Bay Beach

When it comes to transportation on Roatan, there are a handful of options, depending on your budget, travel style, and accommodations.

Getting to West Bay Beach from the airport in Coxen Hole is especially easy, with set fares for buses and taxis that run both established routes and door-to-door service, depending on your needs.

If you’re into doing it for yourself, all the major companies will rent you a car or 4x4 to get around, which is recommended if your rental is anywhere outside the established communities of West Bay Beach. And finally, if you really want to ride in style, you can take a water taxi from West End to West Bay Beach—highly recommended, even if it’s out of your way!


What to Do in West Bay Beach

West Bay Beach Roatan
West Bay Beach is known as being Roatan’s finest beach, primarily for its ample diving and snorkeling opportunities—more on that later—but what many people often overlook, is that West Bay Beach is a world-class beach for so many other reasons. Whether you like playing in the sand or riding the surf, going bottom’s up on some tasty umbrellas drinks or lying down in the shade of a palm, eating the catch of the day or chowing down on some more tierra-borne fare, West Bay Beach has a little bit of everything for the discerning beach bum.


Diving & Snorkeling West Bay Beach

But let’s be frank: if you’re coming to West Bay Beach, you must have heard about the world-famous diving and snorkeling. Roatan has countless diving outfitters, both independent and resort-affiliated, who can set you up with an hour, an afternoon, or a handful of days exploring the world’s second longest reef system—that which lies just off the coast of West Bay Beach. Bring your underwater camera if you’re hoping to catch the show; one of the most colorful and biodiverse communities of ocean life are waiting to dazzle you and anyone blessed with the chance to see your vacation photos once you get home.  If you’re looking for a diving experience literally unlike any other, make sure to visit one of West Bay’s dive outfitters.


Where to Stay in West Bay Beach

As you can see, Roatan is a well-apportioned island, offering a great variety of options from budget backpacker-approved all the way to private resort chic across a number of categories—transportation, recreation—but if you really want to let your hair down, you’re going to need a place to lay your head, and Roatan continues not to disappoint. Whether the rustic communal vibe of a youth hostel is your cup of tea, or you’re interested in a mega resort suite, Roatan accommodations are available at either end of the spectrum and every point in between.

If you asked us, though, the private vacation rentals really are the way to go when it comes to Roatan. A private vacation rental offers unparalleled privacy and flexibility while still coming in hundreds a night less than the big chain resorts. Plus, each Roatan vacation home has an owner, each with their own style and way of doing things that give each vacation home its own special character.

For these reasons, if you’re looking for the right way to do Roatan, you can’t go wrong with one of these West Bay Beach vacation homes.


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