COVID-19 Information for the Island of Roatan

Updated December 29th, 2021

Roatan is open! Our beaches are glorious, our sea is calm, and the island is as beautiful as ever. You have booked your dream vacation on Roatan, we have put together some information in the hope of helping make your travel to Roatan in the time of COVID-19 effortless.

Flexible bookings. Should your trip be impacted by COVID-19, you are unable to travel and have to cancel your stay with us we are here to help.
If you have travel insurance that covers your cancelled trip, we will provide you with the required paperwork to file your claim. If you are not covered by travel insurance and have to cancel within 60 days of your trip ocurring we offer the option to reschedule at any time during 2022. 

Honduras has implemented new immigration procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Below is important information for all International travellers entering Honduras.

COVID-19 testing requirements. All travellers must provide negative COVID-19 test results prior to travel unless they have a vaccination card valid for at least 14 days prior to arrival. Travellers must carry the negative test results for a PCR test or rapid test, carried out in a period of no greater than 24hrs before entering the country. Passengers must show the test results at check in. Accepted tests for COVID-19:
1.    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test in real-time
2.    Rapid test within a minimum Specificity of 85%, Sensitivity of 98%
Following is a link to a COVID-19 testing finder which may help you find a testing location that can provide results within 72 hours or less of travel Rapid Test Travel

Immigration Pre-Check. One of the prerequisites for entering the country is to complete the online Immigration Pre-check form. You can find it here Prechequeo

The form consists of:
1. Immigration pre-registration
2. Health Surveillance Sheet 
3. Submit a sworn declaration that will be subject to the country’s health regulations.
4. Customs form.

Please note, the form cannot be submitted until you are within 48hrs of your entry date. It is easiest to complete the form on a desktop or laptop rather than mobile device. You will receive a response via email, you will need to print it out and carry it with you. You may find the following step by step guide helpful to complete the online immigration form Step by step guide

Airport Security Protocols. Upon arrival at Roatan airport, all travellers are expected to wear face masks/coverings, maintain social distance and use hand sanitizing gel as instructed.

Please note, physical distancing is expected in public island wide.

Airport Transfers. All transportation arranged by Island House Vacation Rentals have drivers certified in the protocol of sanitizing their vehicles. All vehicles are sanitised between clients. You will be expected to wear face masks during the entire journey. All transportation will be private trips, only those in your party will be travelling in the vehicle with you. The driver will be expected to sanitize hands after all luggage handling, he/she will also provide you with hand sanitizer upon entering the vehicle. 

Supermarkets. If you plan to stop at the supermarket on your way to your vacation rental, please note all supermarkets are following the same Bio-security protocols. This includes but is not limited to requiring all customers to wear face masks, take a quick no-contact temperature check and to pass through a disinfectant solution for the soles of their shoes. These same protocols apply for all commercial establishments.

Security / Damage Deposit. As we will be following contactless check-in procedures, you will not be required to stop by the office on the way to your vacation rental. On the day of your arrival, a $1000 hold will be placed on your credit card for the security deposit. Unless specified otherwise we will use the most recent credit card used for your reservation payments. If you would prefer to use a different card, please confirm new credit card details with us prior to your arrival date.  We will have the paperwork waiting at the house ready for you to sign when you check in.

Beach protocols. You are not required to wear masks on the beach, physical distancing between different groups is required on the beach.

Restaurants and Bars are open, you will be expected to enter the establishments with face masks/coverings, but once situated are free to remove them.

Tours. Roatan’s Tours and Activities are open, though some may be operating under limited capacity. It is best to pre-book a tour or activity to ensure you have the best experience. Contact our Concierge Jannel on [email protected] or via phone/WhatsApp on + 504 3270 1717

Our commitment to your safety. 
The Island House Vacation Rentals team are all trained in biosecurity protocols and are following safety guidelines to keep guests and staff safe. All vacation Rentals will contain hand sanitizer and an alcohol-based cleaner on property.

Cleanliness and attention to detail are top priority at Island House Vacation Rentals, our housekeeping staff are proud to be part of a dedicated team. We have implemented new practices to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 
-    All housekeeping staff, maintenance staff and management wear protective equipment when entering all our vacation rentals.
-    We follow CDC guidelines for the cleaning and sanitisation of all our vacation rental properties. Firstly, all soiled linens, towels and washable items are removed from the property. An inspection is made to double check all trash has been removed from the property. Next to follow is the process of cleaning with water, soap & disinfectant to remove dirt and dust. 
-    Following the cleaning is the disinfection process: Where possible the warmest setting is used for laundering and the highest heat temperature for drying. Pillow protectors and mattress protectors are washed between guests. All non-essential linens and items that are difficult to clean are removed. Soft surfaces such as upholstery are sanitised with a pump sprayer. High touch areas are sanitized, this includes but is not limited to: entrance gates, door knobs, keys, key pads, cupboards, appliances’ touch screens, handles, on/off knobs, bed heads, table tops, chair arm rests, wall and lamp on/off switches, electronics, remotes controls, toilets faucets and sinks. In the kitchen dinnerware and silverware are rewashed between guests. Exterior furniture is washed and disinfected paying special attention to high touch items/areas.

Maintenance. If you encounter any maintenance issues during your stay, please report them to us. We will be attending to emergencies only while homes are occupied with guests, to minimise contact. If one of our maintenance staff does have to visit the home, they will be wearing face masks and are required to sanitize their hands and disinfect the area after they have worked. We ask that all guests refrain from being in the same vicinity as our maintenance worker if such a visit should have to take place.